KTCC QUIZ (August    2018)   
甲状腺穿刺吸引細胞診 (thyroid FNA)
1.腺腫様結節 2.好酸性細胞腫瘍 3.硝子化索状腫瘍 4.乳頭癌 5.低分化癌
Which diagnosis is appropriate to choose?
1. Nodular goiter 2. Oxyphilic tumor 3. Hyalinizing trabecular tumor 4. Papillary  carcinoma 5. Poorly differentiated carcinoma
解説(explanatory notes )
答えは「3. 硝子化索状腫瘍」でした。腫瘍細胞は、硝子物を取り囲むように、あるいは膜状硝子物に囲まれて出現しています。腫瘍細胞の細胞質は淡染性で、核内細胞質封入体・核の溝・核形不整がみられます。出現パターンと硝子物の存在が、乳頭癌との鑑別点です。
The answer is "3. Hyalinizing trabecular tumor." The hyaline materials are located at the center of cell clusters. The border between hyaline materials and the tumor cells is obscure. Cell border of the tumor cells is indistinct. The nuclei of the tumor cells show pseudo inclusions, grooves, and irregularity. Cellular appearance and the presence of hyaline materials are diagnostic clue to distinguish from PTC.

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