KTCC QUIZ (November    2018)   
甲状腺穿刺吸引細胞診 (thyroid FNA)
1.濾胞性腫瘍 2.乳頭癌 3.低分化癌 4.未分化癌 5.髄様癌
Which diagnosis is appropriate to choose?
1. Follicular neoplasm 2. Papillary carcinoma 3. Poorly differentiated  carcinoma 4. Anaplastic carcinoma 5. Medullary carcinoma
解説(explanatory notes )
答えは「4. 未分化癌」でした。背景に壊死がみられます。出現細胞は大型で、著明な核形不整や数個の大型核小体を伴い、孤立散在性に出現しています。核分裂像もみられます。壊死性背景と孤立散在性に出現する異型の非常に強い細胞は未分化癌に特徴的です。
The answer is "4. Anaplastic carcinoma." The background is necrotic, Isolated cells show strong nuclear irregularity and some large nucleoli. Mitotic figure is present. Necrotic background and isolated cells which have severe nuclear atypia are characteristic of anaplastic carcinoma.