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Kobe Thyroid Cytology Clubは神戸にある甲状腺専門病院で働く細胞検査士が個人的に運営しているサイトです。私たちの講演のハンドアウトや発表した論文、穿刺塗抹法の動画などを掲載しています。

Kobe Thyroid Cytology Club is a personal website run by a cytotechnologist working at a thyroid hospital in Kobe. The site includes handouts of our lectures, papers we have presented, and videos of thyroid FNAC.



鏡検実習を中心とした教育コース(2日間 or 3日間)を開催しています。



日 時:ご希望の2日間もしくは3日間(ただし、土・日・祝日を除く)

場 所:隈病院 病理診断科(花隈駅 徒歩6分)

内 容:鏡検実習、各カンファレンスへの参加、穿刺吸引・超音波外来見学



What’s Kuma Cytopathological educational course?

Kuma Hospital offers an educational course (2 or 3 days) for pathologists and cytotechnologists, focusing on practical microscopy training.
We recommend this course for those who wish to learn thyroid pathology and cytology in a short period of time.
You can also learn the aspirating and smearing method of thyroid FNAC as shown in 
MOVIE on this website.   

Date and time: 2 or 3 days of your choice (except weekends and holidays)

Place: Department of Pathology, Kuma Hospital, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Contents: Practical microscopy training and observation of ultrasound and FNAC

Participation fee: 2 days (5,000 yen), 3 days (7,000 yen)

If you would like to participate or learn more, please contact us through CONTACT on this website.

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